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How Does It Work?

We have developed a specialized set of tools and softwares that will generate real engagement on your account. This engagement will get your account in front of the eyes of real people and create further engagement back to you. We also use our propriety research tools to target and interact with an audience specifically built for you or your brand.

Is this a bot?

Yes and No. We use multiple different tools and softwares to build and optimize your social media campaign. Every account will get human attention and a unique marketing strategy.

How many followers will you gain daily / weekly / monthly?

Our campaigns work the best when you post frequent high quality content, but vary from person to person and day. We

Is this safe?

We can't control the content you post or what you do with your account. We have never had an instance with an account under our supervision getting banned. We have years of experience on how to create social engagement safely and securely but we can not 100% guarantee that Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr will not ghost or block your account for any reason.

Why do we need your login information?

We need your login info to connect your account with our services in order to start your engagement. Your information will be secure and will NEVER be shared with anyone. We do suggest changing your password to a unique one.

When will your account be billed?

Invoices will be sent 1 week before the 1st of the month and due on the 1st. If auto pay is setup you will be billed on the 1st of the every month / week / year (depending on your plan).

Can you cancel?

Absolutely, you can cancel any time via email. Email: [email protected]

Can you get a refund?

Yes we will refund monthly and yearly plans but there is no refund for weekly plans. We will refund the remaining time left on your plan along with a 25% fee.

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